The picture and/or logo I uploaded is not showing up on my Preferred Realtor profile or displaying incorrectly on the Hero one-page flyer. How do I fix this?

This usually happens when the picture is too large or contains special characters in the file name. To remedy this, reduce the size of the picture and make sure only letters and numbers are included in the file name, then try uploading to your profile again. You may need to refresh the page to see the new picture uploaded. You can also hit F5 or Ctrl-Shift-R on your keyboard to do a hard refresh of the webpage.

I am not good with computers. Can you format and upload my picture for me?

Yes. Please send the picture to us at cstuart@prmg.net and we will be happy to format your picture and put it on your profile for you. We will also notify you when your profile has been updated.

What kind of marketing are you doing to direct Heroes to the website so they will see my Preferred Realtor profile?

For starters, every other Preferred Realtor across the state is marketing the program just as you are. They are trying to build their client base just like you. And your one-page Hero flyer can be downloaded, printed and/or emailed at will. So information about the SC Local Heroes program is being distributed by many people across the state in every town and city. This in and of itself is creating a huge amount of awareness about the SC Local Heroes Program.

In addition, in 2018, we launch a massive statewide email marketing campaign to reach every teacher and school administrator, college and university faculty and staff member, police officer, state trooper, firefighter, doctor, dentist, nurse, chiropractor and administrator in the medical field, active duty military personnel, reservist, National Guard member and of course military veteran. We are also contacting every local, state and federal government employee we can reach across the state of South Carolina. The mission of this marketing campaign is to bring these Heroes to the website, begin the process of buying a home and have them find you as their Preferred Realtor.

We have also done several Facebook ad campaigns from our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/sclocalheroes/. Traffic to the SC Local Heroes website has remained steady over the past few years.

In addition, we expect a huge groundswell of word-of-mouth advertising over time with your help and that of other Preferred Realtors across the state.  By layering the statewide email campaign atop Facebook ads, the state-wide distributing of Hero flyers and the anticipated spread of word-of-mouth advertising, we will be bringing awareness about the South Carolina Local Heroes Program and the benefits it brings to these Local Heroes to as many Heroes as possible across the state. Best of all, only you as the local Preferred Realtor can offer this program to these Heroes. This positions you in a very unique and powerful position to grow your client base.

How can I best use the SC Local Heroes one-page flyer?

The best thing you can do with the SC Local Heroes flyer is get them into the hands of our local Heroes and tell these Heroes about the program. You can download your Hero Flyer and print it out or email it at will. You can use the Heroes flyer to approach any place where Heroes work such as schools, colleges, universities, doctor offices, city and county government buildings and so on. You can even go to a hospital and talk to the HR director to let them know you have a special program designed for everyone who works within that hospital from the doctors to the nurses and all of the staff.  The Heroes Program is a great conversation starter and a very powerful tool for finding new business!

I noticed there are other Realtors in my market. How can I be listed first on the list?

All Preferred Realtors are listed in the order of his/her number of Heroes referred to the program. Realtors who contribute the most Hero referrals are listed at the top of the list. In lieu of charging a costly monthly fee to align yourself with similar programs, we decided to charge nothing and reward Realtors who are most active in the program with priority placement on the website profile listings.

What is the significance of the different levels such as Bronze, Silver and Gold?

The SC Local Heroes Program aims to acknowledge those Realtors who are most active in the program through the different levels. This allows you the opportunity to stand out from the other Realtors listed on the site and provides an easy way for Heroes visiting the website to know that you are working hard to earn their business. Just one Hero referral will promote you from a Newbie to the Bronze Level and you can attain Silver then Gold very quickly.

How do I submit a Hero Referral?

The best way to submit a Hero Referral is by using the “Share/Refer Me” button on your Heroes smartphone app. This send the smartphone app to the referral and notifies us as well. But don’t worry. We will never contact one of your referrals without your permission. You can also to log into your profile and click “Refer a Hero” and follow the basic prompts. This automatically adds to your referral count increasing your status level but also sends the Hero’s contact information to us so we can have a pre-approval back to you ASAP. We will even email you a pre-approval letter.

Do referrals other than Heroes increase my status on the list of Preferred Realtors?

Yes! Any time you send a referral it counts toward your total number of referrals and moves your Realtor status ahead of those with fewer referrals. So, instead of paying exorbitant fees to be prominently listed, all you have to do is be active with the Heroes program.

What is your Pre-approval Process?

We gather the client’s information such as income and enough information to pull his/her credit. For those borrowers who are self-employed or have commission-based income, we require two years tax returns up front before we issue a pre-approval. Most importantly, we run the application through Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter (DU) or Freddie Mac’s Loan Prospector (LP), depending on the type of loan sought, to make sure we receive an automated underwriting approval. Having DU or LP approval drastically improves a loan’s chances of a smooth ride through underwriting.

I've been referring my clients to my favorite lender for a long time. Other than the SC Local Heroes Program, why should I refer my client to PRMG?

That’s a fair question. So why PRMG? Well, the company itself is a top 50 lender in the United States. PRMG has its own in-house underwriters and funds its own loans. Underwriting turn times are usually within 24 hours. More importantly the people in our local branch are the best reason to work with us.

 We give each client one-on-one attention and we communicate very well with the borrower and you, the buyer’s agent. We do a great deal of underwriting at the loan originator level so there will be no surprises or issues once the file reaches underwriting. Our branch has its own in-house processor who is one of the best in the lending industry and she makes sure our files move to closing quickly. We usually close in 3 to 4 weeks and that includes VA loans.

What kind of loan programs do you offer?

We offer all the traditional loan programs you are used to such as FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional loans. Got a special scenario? Just email us or give us a call.

How does the 25% Realtor commission rebate work?

Ideally, we would like you to agree to rebate 25% of the 3% gross buyer’s agent commission to the Hero at closing. The 25% equates to 0.75% of the sales price of the home the Hero is buying. So on a $100,000 purchase, you would be rebating $750 to the Hero at closing toward closing costs or other expenses in the home buying process.

However, we are sensitive to the fact that you may only be receiving part of the 3% buyer’s agent commission due to the arrangement you have with your broker. In this case, we suggest you rebate 25% of your total commission you make on the transaction.

Can the Hero use the Realtor Rebate as a down payment?

No. Borrowers are responsible for the funds needed for a down payment. There are exceptions to this rule as in the case of gift funds. However, gift funds must come from a family member or relative to the buyer(s) and there are strict guidelines on documenting these funds.

Can the Hero receive a check at closing if the rebate exceeds the amount of closing costs?


How do I rebate 25% of my commission to the Hero if all closing costs are paid by the Seller?

Well, that’s when we will have to be creative, but compliant with state and federal regulations. You could pay for the Heroes home inspection for instance. You could offer your rebate to pay for points to buy the Hero’s interest rate down to a lower rate. We will be happy to discuss this type of scenario on a case-by-case basis.

How do I structure the Rebate on the Sales contract?

The easiest way is to write the offer just as you would on any other purchase. Then, write an addendum to the contract stating you will be rebating X amount of dollars at closing as a buyer’s agent realtor commission rebate to the buyer(s). There is a sample addendum link on your Realtor Dashboard page.

Can I refer Heroes to other Lenders?

Most lenders will not waive ALL their fees the way we have for our Local Heroes. We have invested a great deal of time, expense and effort into making this program a success for you as well as for us. And, it’s all FREE to you. We want to grow your business, but we would also like to grow ours as well. We hope you will not use our program to gain new clients and refer those clients to other lenders.


Can the Hero have a spouse or co-buyer on the home purchase?

Yes. As long as one of the buyers qualifies as a Hero, the other buyer is welcome as well.